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Título : Principles of war in asymmetrical conflicts
Autor : Bravo, Gustavo Ramón
Ríos Hudson, Mariana (Traductora)
Palabras clave : Asymmetrical conflicts
Principles of war
Operational planning
Fecha de publicación : Dec-2015
Editorial : Escuela Superior de Guerra Conjunta de las Fuerzas Armadas
Citación : Visión Conjunta;Year 7, Nº 13
Citación : Visión Conjunta;Year 7, Nº 13
Resumen : Principles of war, tested several times throughout history, guide military conduction to achieve success. In current settings, there are conflicts called asymmetrical, featured by a clear imbalance among opposing forces in dispute.
Descripción : Article
ISSN : 1852-8619
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