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Título : Rules of engagement : doctrine revision as a manner to contribute to the promotion of joint and joint : combined military interoperability standards
Autor : Trama, Gustavo Adolfo
Ríos Hudson, Mariana (Traductora)
Palabras clave : Rules of engagement
Military operations
International law
Self- defense
Escalation of force
Lethal force
Nonlethal force
Proportionality reaction
Mínimum reaction
Collateral damage
Fecha de publicación : 2020
Editorial : Escuela Superior de Guerra Conjunta de las Fuerzas Armadas
Resumen : Armed Forces at international level have had different roles that gave rise to discussion about Rules of Engagement, a main concept for the conduction of current military operations. The use of force is different from what it was in prior conflicts and the mission of Armed Forces has had to consider the need to prevent collateral damage. This work, which is the result of the compilation of the three prior books previously published, explains the definition, classification and objectives of Rules of Engagement. Also, it analyzes the relation between them and the planning and operation process and it highlights the importance to draft Rules of Engagement in a coordinated and joint manner. Last, there is an approach to the concepts of self- defense, selfdefense of the military unit, escalation of force, lethal and nonlethal force, military necessity , proportionality and mínimum reaction due to the impact that they will have over the use of force by the armed component of national power. Judgment criteria are provided to show the need to have a permanent catalog of Rules of Engagement and Rules for the Use of Force, approved by a competent authority to properly train troops and, thus, prevent mistakes contrary to international law. This catalog, legally and politically approved, will support the action of Armed Forces and will contribute to the preparation and training of troops.
Descripción : Contribución Académica digital de la colección Biblioteca Conjunta
ISBN : 978-987-47528-1-9
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