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Título : Rational Decision and Intuitive Decision
Autor : Barrales, Jorge Paulo
Ríos Hudson, Mariana (Traductora)
Palabras clave : Commandant
Culminating Point of the Offense
Fecha de publicación : Aug-2015
Editorial : Escuela Superior de Guerra Conjunta de las Fuerzas Armadas
Citación : Barrales, J. (2015). Rational Decision and Intuitive Decision. Visión Conjunta, 12, 18-22 p.
Citación : Visión Conjunta;12
Resumen : The author analyzes methods of rational and intuitive decision as intellectual tools that an operational or tactical commandant may use when reaching the culminating point of the offense, making it necessary to make an unavoidable decision of changing his attitude or maintaining it. Moreover, the author points out the advantages of the intuitive method at tactical level and its relation with the “Commandant Intention” and the acquisition and preservation of the OODA loop (Observe- Orient- Decide- Act).
Descripción : Article
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