Repository Policies


Administration policy

Content policy

Material to be included in the repository must meet the following requirements:

Deposit policy

Policy of access to data and use of content

Works kept in the Repository may be viewed and downloaded freely and at no cost, it is not required to login or have prior authorization, provided terms expressed in the license are complied with.

Any person may access and download documents in full at no cost.

Full documents may be reproduced, viewed and delivered to third parties in any format or means without the need to get prior permission, provided they are used for personal, study, research and/ or educational purposes and also:

Digital preservation policy

CEFADIGITAL has the main purpose of assuring accesibility, legibility and digital preservation for indefinite time of all works kept in it. Among regular tasks carried out as to the Repository, we can mention: frequent back up, file conversion, software update, etc.

Metadata policy

Metadata are descriptive information applied to one resource to allow for its organization, recovery, preservation and interoperability. All records of metadata of works stored in the Repository CEFADIGITAL will be distributed based on an interoperability protocol under Dublin Core format, which is a system composed of fifteen optional descriptive semantic definitions.

According to metadata previously adopted by the community Joint Staff College for its collections, the technical administrator of the CEFADIGITAL is the person who will recommend metadata for the collections requested by each Institution to be included.